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   In this book Dr Heatley a practicing physician has collected together the current scientific evidence for the effectiveness of many of the ancient traditional healing remedies used by previous generations.

   Most of us were probably brought up with examples of home-doctoring using remedies known to our grandparents. Often the basis of some of the traditional treatments go back years and have been tried and tested by our forbearers. A great number of current prescription medicines used today have their basis on traditional healing remedies including two of the best known examples digoxin used in heart failure and more recently Taxol for cancer. Modern medicine has helped to unravel much of the scientific basis of why these "old wives' tales" work but little has previously been done to draw these strands together. The results confirm the wisdom of many of our ancestors, values the testing and trial of these approaches over the years and heralds the future for the development of new, effective and safe medicinal therapies for the treatment of disease that prove resistant to current drugs. Many are turning back to alternatives to modern medicines. We now have a scientific basis for how a great number of these forms of treatment can and do work